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Secure client pages enable them to view invoice history, pay current invoices, download, and approve estimates on the go.



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Give your clients access to their estimates, invoices and entire history with your company, saving you time on answering questions via call and email while looking professional and efficient.

time management

Get paid faster

Giving your clients access to make payments on any invoice or approve estimates will ensure you get paid faster and close more jobs faster. No setup required, it’s ready from day one!


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Client portal benefits


This creates an efficient workflow so your customers can get exactly what they need, when they need it and without having to reach out to you.


All customer facing pages are secured and encrypted which means your customers won’t have to create accounts, remember passwords or constantly ask you for logins.


Your clients can process payments directly on their client page with the following processors.
  • Stripe; since and recurring setup

  • PayPal


Your customer invoice page will contain the following branding:
  • Your company logo

  • Your company colors


Client Portal FAQ

What if I change an existing invoice, will it update?

As soon as you make an update on an invoice or estimate, the customer view will change immediately. This includes any change you make on the invoice or estimate.

Will I be notified of customer actions on this page?

Absolutely, you’ll know if a customer sees and invoice, downloads it, approves or declines estimates and much more. Check out how to manage your invoice notifications.

Can customers see all their invoices here?

Absolutely, your customers are able to see all of their invoicing, estimates and payment history here.

Can I only send a link without sending and invoice?

Yes, you can copy and send a link to their client portal without having to send an invoice.