Take a peek at the current Invoice Quick features.
Keep in mind we’re still in development and always adding new features!


Having an up-to-minute dashboard is the pulse of your business which helps you take action where needed. Are you profitable? Who’s not paying? How much do I owe in taxes? Solved.

Super Easy To Use

Spend less time on paperwork and wow your clients awesome invoices.

Financial Performance

Visual stats of your month by month performance as a company.


Loaded with options and shortcuts, the invoicing module is where the magic happens. From adding items, invoicing on-the-go or creating recurring profiles, this is your all-in-one!


Single or recurring invoices are professional and super easy to make.


Saving products and services means less repeating and more reporting.


Movement of money is crucial and transactions help you stay on top of all money received from customers as well as all expenses. Easily review and edit so your real profit is always accurate.


Add, view, track and edit payments applied to all invoices, all in one place.


Know where your money goes so your dashboard stats never miss a beat!


Customer management is key, especially knowing who has open balances and how much is way past due. Viewing a customer gives you even more insight!

Quick View

A quick glance of who all customers and their account standing.

Detailed View

Customer detail summary shows you everything related to that customer.


In accounting, you can set-up your tax presets as well as income and expense account types. Really easy but super important, this will help you get the reports when you need them the most.

Account Types

Loaded with default types, this helps you categorize income and expenses.

Tax Presets

Add, view and edit as many tax presets as you need. You’ll thank yourself later.


This is where you set up your company options. From information and invoice customization to payment options. Set this up once and you’re ready to roll!


Manage your company profile and lots of invoice options in one place.


Select which payment option works best for you and get paid.

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