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InvoiceQuick is the stress-free hack to growing your business. Invoice in seconds, get paid faster, and easily track finances so you can focus on what matters most.

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Create invoices in seconds.

Since 2015, our invoicing software has made it easy to run your business billings, so you can focus on what matters most.

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Professional Invoices & Estimate Templates

Create amazing invoice and estimate templates in seconds, send to your customers and get paid faster.

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Manage All Your Customers

Easily manage all your customers in one place, stay connected and in control at all times.

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Keep Track of Your Payments & Expenses

Get paid faster, auto-send past due reminders and keep and eye on income and expenses.

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Easy-to-use Invoicing Software

Create a free account
Customizable estimates, invoices, payment reminders, and emails
28+ templates that set your business apart with a polished look
Automatically convert estimates to invoices and stay up to date

Create a Free Invoice and Download the PDF

Free Invoice Generator

Put Your Billing on Auto-Pilot

Set it once and forget it.

Invoice Item Library

Responsive and mobile ready

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Easy and powerful recurring invoices
Never send an awkward follow-up again with automatic, customizable reminder emails
Find out when your clients open emails, view, and pay invoices in real time
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Keep Your Business on Track

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

Stay on top of client activity with real-time notifications
See customer history, balances, and payments at a glance
Easily view all payments, expenses, and cash flow
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Find out why it’s the best solution to simplify your invoicing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add my business logo?

Yes, when you create an account you can add your logo once and it will appear on all invoices and estimates.

How can InvoiceQuick help me stay organized?

We’ve got you covered with powerful accounting and customer management features. Monitor cash flow with income and expense accounts. View business stats and customer data with a centralized dashboard. Stay on top of everything happening in your business with real-time notifications.

How do I send an invoice to clients?

You can email it directly through InvoiceQuick and get notified when clients open, view, download, or pay the invoice.

Can I import or export data?

Yes, you can import existing customers, expenses, and invoice items. You can export invoices, customers, invoice items, vendors and expenses with one click.


How does online invoicing work?

Below is a general process of how each one of our invoicing software modules works and when to use it.


No customers, no business, right? It is essential to organize your customers in one place and know exactly who owes you money, how much they've spent, and their history with your business.


Customers may ask you for a quote or an estimate before they agree to give you the job. To keep things organized, sending an estimate for approval, which gets converted into an invoice, will save you time and speed up the process


When it comes time to invoice, our online invoice software makes sure you look professional, avoids mistakes, and creates automation. Creating single or recurring invoices is super easy. The invoice options we provide make this process more powerful for the business owner and more simplified for the customer.

Invoice Items

You'll find yourself invoicing the same types of products or services over time. Saving these, along with titles, descriptions, taxes, and pricing will ensure your invoicing is always correct while saving you lots of time and giving you reports on what's hot.


We all know we need to get paid for our work, but sometimes if you don't get paid on time - it's the same as not having money, giving your customers a way to pay you quickly, and reminding them automatically when they're past due.


Most cities have different tax brackets, let alone countries - ouch! Having the ability to set up the taxes for additional "invoice items" will ensure you won't have to pay big brother for taxes you didn't collect.


Transactions help you monitor the money going in and out of your business. These will be combined on your dashboard so you can see your actual profit at a glance.

Invoice Templates

Professional Invoice Template designs sets your business apart, making your invoice look professional and fantastic - and we've got the best invoice templates you've ever seen.


This gives you the ability to customize the working on your invoice as you wish fully. Set it up once, and you're ready to go.


We'll notify you every time an email is opened, an invoice is viewed, a payment fails, among many other notifications. This will give you the info on what's going on. Did a customer check out your invoice but say's they never got it? Naughty naughty!