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Invoice Quick FAQ's

Can I save my invoices and customers?

You can save your invoices, customers and company setting by creating an account. All accounts are free forever.

How can I change the invoice template?

Registered users have the ability to change the template of an invoice. There are multiple AWESOME templates to choose from. Log-In to your account and go to Settings > Invoice Options.

Will my clients see invoicequick.com on the invoice?

Absolutely not. Regardless if you have a registered account or not, your invoices are 100% Un-Branded.

Can I change the title of the invoice?

Yes. In the top left section of the invoice, simply click on the "Invoice" and enter what you’d like the title to appear as.

When should I use the Payment Stub?

If you expect your customer to mail you a payment, we suggest enabling the payment stub. It will display you company information making it easy for them to mail it to you.

Can I add payments to this Invoice Template Generator?

Yes. To add payments, enable the "Paid To Date" section above the Preview button and enter the payment amount.

What is the difference between adding an item and a time entry?

Items are usually products or flat price services. Time-Items are used for hourly billed services.

Do I need a credit card to use Invoice Quick?

Absolutely NOT, we will never ask you for a credit card. You can save unlimited customers and creatue unlimited invoices for FREE.

Which payment options can I offer to my customers?

For registered users, you can add your paypal email when emailing your invoice which will direcly link your invoices to your paypal account.

I need additional support...

For more information, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or simply submit a Support Request and we’ll get right back to you.

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