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Invoicing Features

Items & Tasks

Create Items and Tasks, so when you invoice - your descriptions and pricing get pre-populated. Doing this saves you time when invoicing, increases accuracy, and gives you reporting on which items or tasks are the best sellers.
  • Add unlimited items and tasks

  • Apply taxes directly to saved items and tasks

  • Add items and tasks without leaving an invoice

  • Assign income accounts for better reporting


Save tax presets you can use on the invoice level or the line-item level. You can even assign tax presets to items that populate automatically.
  • Add unlimited tax presets

  • Use tax presets on a line-item level, for the entire invoice, or both


Sometimes we want to discount one line item; other times, we want to discount the entire invoice - now you can.
  • Apply Percentage (%) or Flat discounts

  • Save unlimited discount presets

  • Use discount presets on a line-item level for the entire invoice or both

Sending Invoices

Sending invoices via email with secured links or attached PDFs has never been more accessible.
  • Send an email with a link to the invoice or/and with a PDF attachment of it

  • Send directly from the invoice or bulk-email invoices from the dashboard

  • Any way you send, activity tracking will be enabled

Accepting Payments

Getting paid is the most crucial part of the process. You can select multiple ways of getting paid on an invoice.
  • Payment options show on the customer view

  • Payment options are Stripe Payments, PayPal, ACH Payments, Check with more coming soon

Past-Due Reminders

Collecting past due payments can be uncomfortable; this automation handles it for you completely.
  • Save unlimited discount presets

  • Collect payments before too much time goes by. The longer the customer waits, the less likely they are to pay

  • Increased invoice payments automatically

Invoice Activity

See precisely every step of the invoicing process, including customer actions!
  • Are your customers viewing and clicking your invoice but saying they haven't received it?

  • Historical view of everything that happened on an invoice, from the day it was issued

  • Set notifications for important activities associated with an invoice

Invoice Contacts

Sometimes, not all invoices go to the same person at a company. You can correctly channel your invoices to the correct departments or people.
  • Increases processing speed by delivering invoices to the correct people every time

  • Change or update customer contacts who are assigned to an invoice at any time

  • Configure who is supposed to receive invoices and payment notifications on a company level

Custom Currency

Creating an invoice for a customer in another country? Do so without affecting all your other invoices!
  • Unlimited custom currencies on an invoice level

  • Simplify the customer experience when combining custom currency and custom languages on invoices

  • May create reporting issues due to various currencies

Custom Languages

Have customers in different countries? We've got you covered; now, you can send invoices in over 128 other languages on an invoice level!
  • Customize invoice languages

  • The entire invoice and fields will display the selected language

  • Doesn't affect your company settings

Invoice Numbering

Keeping track of invoices is made easier with automated invoice numbering, preventing duplicates and confusion.
  • Set a starting invoice number, and the system takes it from there

  • Ensures proper accounting at the end of the year

  • Customizable as you go, although not recommended

  • Duplication warnings prevent confusion

Issued & Due Dates

Incorrect due dates cause payment and cash-flow problems. Set it once or customize it as you go. 
  • Set due dates as a global setting on the invoice level

  • Late payment notifications will trigger based on this date

  • Change or update even after issuing the invoice

Payment Terms

Adding the payment terms to every invoice ensures proper processing and offers convenience to your customers.
  • Customize on the company level or invoice level

  • Shows on the invoice and customer view

  • Prevents payment delays with corporate customers

Client Notes

Adding a personal touch or important notes simplifies and improves the customer process.
  • Customize on the company level or invoice level

  • Shows on the invoice and customer view

Invoice as template

Sometimes we want to discount one line item; other times, we want to discount the entire invoice - now you can.
  • Save unlimited discount presets

  • Use discounts presets on a line-item level, for the entire invoice, or both.

  • Apply Percentage (%) or Flat discounts

Payment Stubs

Let's face it, some customers still pay by check. Make it easy for them, avoid errors, and get paid faster.
  • Shows the customer, invoice, and complete information

  • Tear off section, so it's easy to attach with the payment

  • Customers appreciate the professionalism

Convert to recurring

Creating the same invoice for the same customer again and again? Set it and forget it by creating a recurring invoice.
  • Convert to recurring and set when and who to send to

  • Will send the invoice automatically

  • Sends you notifications when the invoice is sent


Stay in control of your billings with automated notifications which let you know what's going on.
  • Customize how to receive notifications and for which events

  • Update and edit notifications at any time

Shareable links

Sharing the invoice link with customers ensures that they always see the most up-to-date invoice information. If you change a price, it updates instantly.
  • One-click invoice link sharing

  • Updates instantly on the customer side when saving an invoice

  • High security with SSL and encrypted URLs


Frequent Invoicing Questions

Can I add my business logo?

Yes, when you create an account you can add your logo once and it will appear on all invoices and estimates.

Can I change the currency in the invoice generator?

Yes, you can customize currency on our free invoice generator or if you have an account, there are more options.

How do I add discounts?

You can add a discount to one specific item or discount the entire invoice. These options make invoicing super easy!

How do I charge taxes?

You can add taxes on the invoice item level or on the invoice level. You can even save these as presets!

How do I send an invoice to clients?

You can email it directly through InvoiceQuick and get notified when they open, view, download, or pay the invoice. Or send them a link to their client portal, where they can view all invoices and past-due balances.

How will someone pay my invoice?

You can select between Stripe, PayPal, ACH payments, check, and more coming soon!

What are the benefits of using the invoice generator?

Our invoice generator gives you lots of options and makes the process easy for your customers to pay you.

Can you edit the invoice after sending it?

Yes! Every time you edit an invoice, the changes will show up instantly on your customer’s end.

How will my customers see my invoice?

You can include the invoice PDF in the email or send them a link to view all of their invoices and past due balances.

Which invoice template should I use?

You can select from our selection of 28 professional invoice templates!

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