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Stay on top of when clients view emails, open invoices, make payments, and more so you can make informed decisions.



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Know when an email bounces or gets marked as spam. Or when a client who says they didn’t get an invoice actually viewed it. Twice. Keep this secret tool in your back pocket so you can make informed decisions for your business.

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Knowing when there is “movement” with your clients gives you the ability to act fast. Did a client just view an overdue invoice? Now is the best time to follow up.

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Choose from over 25 notification options based on what matters most to you and your business.  Decide where to receive notifications: in-app, mobile, or desktop. Stay up-to-date without disrupting your life.

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Notification benefits

Invoice Notifications

Here are 11 of the most important system notifications when it comes to invoices:
  • When an invoice is successfully delivered via email

  • If a client marks your invoice as spam

  • If the invoice email bounces

  • If a clients payment fails

  • When an invoice becomes past-due

  • If a clients opens the invoice email

  • If a clients clicks the link to the invoice

  • Every time a client views your invoice

  • Every time a client downloads that invoice

  • If a payment is made on the invoice

  • When an invoice is sent (useful in recurring invoices)

  • Every time a client downloads that invoice

Estimate Notifications

Here are 11 of the most important system notifications when it comes to estimates:
  • When your client accepts the estimate

  • If the estimate is declined

  • If the estimate email is marked as spam by your client

  • If the estimate email bounces

  • When your client views the estimate email

  • Every time your client downloads the estimate

  • When the estimate expires

  • When the estimate email is successfully delivered

  • Every time they open the estimate email

  • When your client clicks on the estimate email link

  • When an estimate is converted to an invoice automatically

What it means

Knowing when there is “movement” with your clients gives you the ability to act fast. For example, if a customer is past-due on an invoice and you’re notified of invoice views or clicks, it may be the best time to reach out and collect.

Image you have a customer who says they haven’t received you invoices, yet you know they’ve opened and viewed them multiple times. This information may help you decide how to proceed with future work with this client.

Notifications FAQ

Can I select which notifications to receive?

Yes, there are over 25 notification triggers, and you can customize which to receive and which to mute.

Can I set different notifications on web vs. mobile?

Absolutely. You can choose which of these notifications to receive and where, such as in-app, email, or desktop.

What types of notifications are available?

We’ve compiled a list of the most important invoice notifications which are available in InvoiceQuick.

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