6 Easy steps for business growth in NEW 2022.

6 Easy steps for business growth in NEW 2022.

Dear IQ Movers & Shakers,

The New Year is an excellent opportunity to look back, recap and analyze the NOW, and start making a professional (but also personal) New Year's GOAL list to direct your life to its full potential. 

All of us would like to become more successful, competent, affluent in the New Year. But despite the relatively large goal list that we write down before each new year, there are a negligible number of those that we truly fulfill!

January 1st is the starting point of change.

Most successful business people set goals at the end of the year! That is why the gyms are packed in January, the trim tracks are crowded, and healthy food is quickly disappearing from the stalls and shelves. However, as time goes on, the goals and euphoria slowly fade. In the research in which 3,000 people participated, it was determined that only 12% of them achieved the goals they set for the New Year.

A more efficient way to achieve goals

Let's be honest; no goal worthwhile is easy. But there are a few simple steps anyone can take to achieve their goals. Of course, the results will not come overnight, but if you are focused and dedicated - you will surely achieve what you want.

In these six simple steps, achieve your 2022 New Year's business goals:

Step 1: Define your goal precisely.

New Year's resolutions are often abstract. That is why most of the goals will never be realized. Write down your New Year's goals in detail and describe them sensually - what you see, what you hear, what you do, how you feel… This will make the goals realistic and concrete. Write them down on paper so you can follow their accomplishment, and be sure to put them in a visible place (like a refrigerator or mirror), so you can observe them every day.

80% of successful people have clear goals for the New Year.

Step 2: Decide which goal is fundamental.

When a goal means a lot to you, you will be focused on it. Therefore, he must not be superficial. Instead, give it meaning - ask yourself every day why you want it and what it will bring you.

Choose the greatest wish and do your best to fulfill it. If you want ten things, you will have difficulty concentrating on achieving all 10. You can have many desires, that's nice, but you won't get far without priorities.

Step 3: Set a goal so you can track it.

If your goal is money - determine the exact amount of money you plan to earn. It is best to follow this goal daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The more you follow, the more focused you will be on its realization. Also, determine the exact date by which you must accomplish this. It is not enough to say - next year. It is necessary to define the exact date.

Make reminders on your phone, laptop, stick colorful sticky notes around the house, hang pictures that symbolize the realization of your wish and act as if it is only a matter of time before it will come true. That way, you will be motivated to persevere even when things don't go as you planned.

Step 4: Make a plan.

You have no plan until you recognize every possible detail that will lead you to the goal. To make a quality plan for the next year, it is necessary to make a timeline and points for each month of the year. It is essential to realize that plans can always change. But not having a plan for something important in your life is not good. That, then, remains only a wish. For example, if you have decided to increase the number of clients quarterly - determine how many clients you want monthly. Also, track the results of your progress. In this way, you will motivate yourself and achieve your goal.

Step 5: Establish critical habits.

Essential habits are fertile ground for all the other habits you will need to achieve your goal. They help you get rid of destructive behavior patterns. Habits make up 45% of our behavior. If you improve your habits, you increase your chances of achieving the goal. For example, if you want to change your diet - create the habit of buying healthy food and preparing meals at home instead of buying ready-made, fast food every day.

Motivation is essential, and one doesn't expect it from others. However, you know best why this is your biggest goal, and you know how you would feel if that goal was achieved.

Step 6: Evaluate and adjust.

Without constant evaluation, it is almost impossible to achieve the goal. Therefore, you need to find an engagement and results tracking system and do it every day. Then, if you are serious about your plan, you will have a detailed report on where you are on that path each day.


  • How much effort did you put in that day?
  • How much money did you spend?
  • Or how much did you lose?

This is how you will track your progress. Are you getting closer or further away from your goal? If you see that something is not working - try something else. Change the plan, but don't change the goal.

Stop blaming others for your failures! Eh, if I had more money, clients if fate would not harass me if I had more luck… Leave the WHAT IF system and take destiny into your own hands! A man who strives with an open heart towards his goal will find a way to achieve it regardless of obstacles. However, if you are indecisive, you will have no problem finding excuses instead of admitting that you are responsible for everything that happens to you.

3 Typical mistakes that lead to unfulfilled goals


Now you probably think: "Well, it's mine, but someone else's," but you have to be honest with yourself if it's something that YOU want, that fulfills and motivates YOU, and not your parents, environment, friends… If you work on achieving a goal that is not yours, likely, you will not reach it. If you don't know how to check if it is your authentic wish, then ask yourself what the world will look like when you make it happen and if you will be happier.


Are you the one on whom the fulfillment of this decision depends and the one who imagined it? If you have borrowed someone else's idea, not only it's wrong, but you will never be able to realize it with the same ideal as its original owner. You come up with your ideas; today's market is so broad that everyone has room. Therefore, it is unnecessary to steal other people's ideas and adorn yourself with their feathers.


You have to ask yourself once again if this is really what you sincerely want to achieve, what gives you strength and gives you driving energy, and what puts a smile on your face. It is equally important to see what you control when fulfilling a decision and what it is that depends on external factors. When you know this, it will be easier for you to maintain an objective perspective and preparation for the obstacles that will arise in the process, so keep changing your approach, not your goal!


  1. Treat Yourself with Some Self Care. 
  2. Reconnect with Old Peers. 
  3. Revisit Your Career Goals Every Year. 
  4. Leverage a Task Scheduling App. 
  5. Maintain a Proper Sleep Schedule. 
  6. Keep Funds Ready for Emergencies. 
  7. Keep a Daily Journal. 
  8. Keep a Minimalist Wardrobe.
  9. Keep a Healthy Diet
  10. Keep a Gratitude Journal
  11. Arm Yourselves with More Skills
  12. Maintain a Clutter-Free Environment Around You
  13. Don't Rely on a Single Gig
  14. Maintain a Monthly Budget
  15. Create a Work-Life Balance


Believe in yourself and your goals. Lay clear foundations and build on. Encourage yourself every day. That way, you'll make New Year's goals become the reality you live in!

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